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Friday, September 28, 2012

First Day - 8th Zul Hijjah

Hajj map
1. Proceed to Minaa after sunrise with talbiyah flowing from your lips.

2. Remain in Minaa and perform Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, 'Eeshaa and Fajr of the following day. Also spend the night in Minaa.

Mas'alah: It is mustahab to perform these five Salaat in Minaa.

Mas'alah: There are no prescribed devotions on this day. Recite talbiyah excessively. Spend every moment in ibaadah, zikr, istighfaar, tilaawat, durood shareef and learning and teaching.

Mas'alah: If, when you arrive in Makkah for Hajj, the total number of days you intended to stay continuously in Makkah before 8th Zul Hijjah were 15 days or more, then you are a muqeem, i.e you will perform all the Salaat during the five days of Hajj complete.

However, if you have stayed less than 15 days in Makkah, you are a musaafir and therefore you will make qasr, i.e perform two raka'at fardh of Zuhr, Asr, and 'Eeshaa unless you perform your Salaat behind a muqeem imaam.

Similarly, the qurbaani of 'Eedul Adh'haa which is offered annually is also waajib upon the muqeem if he possesses the nisaab of Zakaat, but not upon the musaafir.

This sacrifice of 'Eedul adh'haa can be offered anywhere and the pilgrim, before departing from home, may leave instructions to this effect.

Mas'alah: The takbiraat of tashreeq should be recited from the Fajr of 9th Zul Hijjah to the Asr of 13th Zul Hijjah, even during Hajj.

NOTE: Eat less whilst in Minaa. Try to remain on fruit and liquid. You will find it very helpful.

Du'aa For Arafaat

In one Hadeeth it is stated: When one reads the following (du'aa) after zawaal in Arafaat, on the day of Arafah, facing qiblah, Allah says:

"O my Angels! What is the reward of My Servant who glorified Me, praised Me, mentioned My Oneness and Greatness and sent salutations on My Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam?

I have forgiven him and accepted his request regarding his needs and if My Servant intercedes for all who are in Arafah, I will accept it; and he may ask whatever he wishes."

100 times Fourth Kalimah.

100 times Surah Ikhlaas.

100 times Durood Ibraaheem.

(Add wa 'alaynaa ma'ahum at the end of every Durood Shareef).

Do remember the Shaykh of this material and all those who participated in making this publication possible.


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