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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Second Day - 9th Zul Hijjah

ArafaatTo Arafaat

1. Leave for Arafaat after sunrise. On the way, recite talbiyah, du'aa, durood, zikr and takbeer in abundance.

Mas'alah: To leave Minaa before sunrise is contrary to Sunnah.

2. On reaching Arafaat, make all necessary preparations before zawaal. Relieve yourself of all necessities.

Mas'alah: The time for wuqoof (stay) in Arafaat starts from zawaal on 9th Zul Hijjah and ends at sub'h saadiq the following morning.

It is fardh to spend even a little portion of this time in Arafaat. To remain in Arafaat until sunset is waajib.

Wuqoof of Arafaat

3. As soon as the time for Zuhr Salaat begins, perform wudhoo. (Ghusl is more preferable if possible).

4. Perform Zuhr Salaat and engage in ibaadah. It is mustahab to read durood shareef, zikr, tasbeeh, praises of Allah, talbiyah.

Earnestly make du'aa for yourself, family and friends and the whole Ummah. Do remember this humble writer, his family and all those associated with the publishing of this material. Whatever zikr you recite, read it thrice each time.

5. Perform Asr Salaat on its time and thereafter engage in ibaadah once again until sunset.

Mas'alah: The Zuhr and Asr will be combined together only if:

(a) Performed in or near Arafaat,

(b) It is 9th Zul Hijjah,

(c) The sultaan or his representative is present,

(d) The performer is in the ihraam for Hajj,

(e) Zuhr is performed first and then Asr, and

(f) It is performed in congregation.

If one or more of these conditions are lacking, then it is waajib to perform the two Salaat on their respective times.

In our situation, this is the case when we perform out Salaat in our tents; therefore, the two Salaat will be performed separately on their respective times.

NOTE: It is not advisable to go to the Masjid in Arafaat because the plain of Arafaat is too vast and tents are identical; hence, it is possible for one to lose his way back to his tent.

Similarly, do not venture out to look for Jabale Rahmat even though it is more virtuous to do wuqoof near it.

Mas'alah: It is mustahab and more virtuous to engage in devotion standing, facing qiblah, with your hands raised  as in du'aa.

Is is also permissible to sit or even lie down. But to lie down without excuse is makrooh. If the pilgrim gets tired, he may sit down and stand up again.

Mas'alah: It is bid'ah to climb Jabale Rahmat during wuqoof.

Mas'alah: In between du'aa, recite talbiyah.

Mas'alah: It is prohibited for men and women to stand together.

Mas'alah: There is no Jumu'ah Salaat in Arafaat. Perform Zuhr Salaat, even on Friday.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During wuqoof, keep yourself busy in ibaadah until the evening.

Remember Allah ta'aalaa as much as possible and make du'aa sincerely crying before Him, beseeching Him and asking Him for all your lawful needs of this world and the Hereafter.

Let no laxity or neglugence come near you. You may not get this opportunity again. Do not involve yourself in disputes, non sensical talks, etc. 

Cry, weep and ask for forgiveness for yourself, parents, family, and friends and the whole Muslim Ummah. Ask for His pleasure and Jannah and seek His refuge from His Anger and Hell.

This humble writer also requests you to remember him, his family and friends and all associated with the publishing of this material in your du'aa too.

6. After sunset leave for Muzdalifah. Do not perform Maghrib Salaat in Arafaat.

Mas'alah: It is not permissible to depart from Arafaat before sunset.

To Muzdalifah

After sunset, depart for Muzdalifah reciting talbiyah, takbeer, du'aa, durood shareef, etc.

NOTE: Toilet facilities are scarce in Muzdalifah, therefore it is advisable to relieve yourself before departing from Arafaat.

Mas'alah: Do not perform Maghrib or 'Eeshaa in Arafaat or on the way to Muzdalifah. It is waajib to perform Maghrib and 'Eeshaa together in Muzdalifah at 'Eeshaa time.

Mas'alah: If you arrive in Muzdalifah before the time of 'Eeshaa, do not perform Maghrib until the time of 'Eeshaa sets in.

Mas'alah: If one is delayed by traffic or any other reason and is unable to reach Muzdalifah before sub'a saadiq, then he should perform the two Salaat wherever he may be before sub'h saadiq.

Mas'alah: The two Salaat will be combined whether performed individually or in congregation.

In Muzdalifah

1. When the time for 'Eeshaa Salaat commences, perform Maghrib and 'Eeshaa Salaat with one azaan and one iqaamah as follows:

a. Call out azaan,

b. Say iqaamah,

c. Perform fardh of Maghrib Salaat,

d. Perform fardh of 'Eeshaa Salaat,

e. Perform sunnah of Mashrib Salaat, and

f. Perform sunnah of 'Eeshaa Salaat and witr waajib.

2. After Salaat, look to your other needs such as food, drink, toilet, etc. and spend the rest of the night in ibaadah. This night too, is very auspicious and full of blessings.

Mas'alah: It is Sunnah Mu'akkadah to remain in Muzdalifah until sub'h saddiq, and to remain awake in tilaawat, du'aa and ibaadah is mustahab.

Mas'alah: It is permissible for women to omit the wuqoof of Muzdalifah due to rush and crowd. Similar will be the case for the sick and disabled.

3. Collect pebbles (each approximately the size of a pea or a date seed) to pelt the jamaraat and put them safely in a bag.

If you are going to leave Minaa after pelting the jamaraat on the 12th Zul Hijjah, you will need a total of 49 pebbles only, and if you are staying over to pelt the jamaraat on the 13th Zul Hijjah too, then you will need a total of 70 pebbles.

10th Zul Hijjah 7 pebbles.

11th Zul Hijjah 21 pebbles.

12th Zul Hijjah 21 pebbles.

13th Zul Hijjah 21 pebbles.

Mas'alah: It is permissible to collect these pebbles from places other than Muzdalifah too. However, one should not pick them from near the jamaraat or unclean places.


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