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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Five Days Of Hajj


If you are performing Hajj Ifraad and Hajj Qiraan, then you are already in ihraam. You do not need to adopt another ihraam.
Tents in Minaa

If you are performing Hajj Tamattu', you will need to enter the ihraam with the intention of performing Hajj.

1. On the 8th Zul Hijjah, you will be leaving for Minaa after sunrise; therefore complete all your preparations by the 7th Zul Hijjah.

2. If you are performing Hajj Tamattu', then cleanse yourself, perform ghusl, etc. before the morning of 8th Zul Hijjah and put on the sheets of ihraam. Women do not put on these sheets.

3. Go to Al Masjidul Haraam and perform two raka'at with the intention of ihraam with your head covered, and sitting bareheaded make niyyah (intention) of Hajj and recite talbiyah (labbayk).

Your ihraam is complete and you must refrain from certain acts which become impermissible.

Mas'alah: If now, you wish to perform the sa'ee of Hajj, which is normally performed after tawaafe ziyaarat, you may do so.

However, a sa'ee cannot be performed without tawaaf, hence, you will first perform a nafl tawaaf and then sa'ee.

Mas'alah: This nafl tawaaf before sa'ee will be performed with idhtibaa in all seven rounds and ramal in the first three rounds only. Remember the rule - 'Every tawaaf followed by a sa'ee will be performed with idhtibaa and ramal'.

Mas'alah: For those performing Hajj Tamatttu', performing sa'ee after tawaafe ziyaarat is more preferable.

Mas'alah: A person performing Hajj Tamattu' can enter into the state of ihraam for Hajj anytime before 8th Zul Hijjah.

NOTE: Many people leave for Minaa at night after 'Eeshaa for convenience or feeling afraid that they may not find suitable place in Minaa.

This is not in accordance with the Sunnah and it is also a cause of unnecessary hardship. Therefore leave Makkah after sunrise in the masnoon manner on 8th Zul Hijjah.

NOTE: For those performing Hajj with mu'allim/mu'assasah (Europa Establishment), it is advisable to form a group and arrange private transport for the five days of Hajj.

By arranging your own transport, you will relieve yourself of many difficulties and travel with great comfort and ease.

NOTE: Take as less luggage as possible. A sheet, a sleeping bag, a pair of clothes, soap, tissue, and towel is all you require.


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