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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Nahr - Animal sacrifice

1. After completing the ramee, sacrifice an animal.

Mas'alah: The sacrifice is known as dame shukr and is waajib upon those performing Hajj Qiran and Hajj Tamattu' and mustahab for those performing Hajj Ifraad. Read IMPORTANT NOTE under TO MINAA.

NahrNOTE: Do not confuse yourself between dame shukr and annual qurbaani of 'Eedul Adh'haa. Dame shukr is only waajib upon those performing Hajj Qiraan or Hajj Tammatu', whereas qurbaani is waajib annually upon every Muslim who is sane, baaligh and upon whom Zakaat is binding and who is not a musaafir (Shar'ee traveller).

NOTE: To find out whether the annual quarbaani of 'Eedul Adh'haa is waajib upon you or not, read the last mas'alah under FIRST DAY.

Mas'alah: Those performing Hajj Qiraan and Hajj Tamattu' must form niyyah (intention) that the sacrifice is for Hajj Qiraan or Hajj Tamattu'; otherwise the sacrifice will not be valid.

Mas'alah: It is more virtuous to slaughter the animal yourself. If you are unable to do so, then it is mustahab to witness the slaughtering. It is also mustahab to eat, at least a little, from the slaughtered animal's meat.

Time for Nahr

One can sacrifice the animal any time after ramee until the sunset of 12th Zul Hijjah. However, those performing Hajj Qiraan and Hajj Tamattu' will not be able to shave their heads until the sacrifice is completed.


  1. Dear Iremi, I read your other posts on Haj and I'm happy to say that I love all of them. My mom and sister perform the Haj this year. Reading your posts make me think of what they're going to do in the Holy Land.

    The sacrifice of animals is called "Korban" in my language. I like the informations you're sharing with us here.

  2. Asalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu,

    @Balqis - JazakAllah khair for loving posts on Hajj, please do share with all who are going or intending to go on Hajj inshAllah. What language is that?