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Friday, October 05, 2012

Ramee (Pelting)

Today (i.e. 10th Zul Hijjah) you will throw seven pebbles at only the jamarah known as the Jamaratul Uqbaa or large Shaytaan.

Pelting The ShaytaanNOTE: There are three pillars near the main Masjid of Minaa - Masjide Khayf - which are commonly known to people as Shaytaans or jamaraat.

The one nearest to Masjide Khayf is the small one and the one furthest is the largest.

Mas'alah: Ramee is waajib. Failure will result in dam.

Mas'alah: It is bid'ah (innovation) to pelt the other two jamarah viz. middle Shaytaan and the small Shaytaan on 10th Zul Hijjah.

Time For Ramee

The time for ramee on 10th Zul Hijjah starts at sub'h saadiq and ends at sub'h saadiq of the following day. This time is divided as follows:

From sub'h saadiq to sunrise makrooh

From sunrise to zawaal masnoon

From zawaal to sunset mubaah

From sunset to sub'h saadiq makrooh

Mas'alah:For women, sick and disabled fearing the crowds, no time is makrooh. In fact, for women the time of night is more virtuous and better for ramee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If possible, one should endeavor to pelt the jamarah in the masnoon or at least the mubaah time.

However, experience shows that in this day and age when millions of people come to perform Hajj, it is very difficult to fulfil this obligation in its masnoon time without causing harm to one's self and other Muslims.

In fact, sometimes, one has to put his health and life into danger. Therefore, it is advised that ramee is done before Maghrib in mubaah time.

If one finds that the crowd of people is very large at this time too, then the women and sick can wait safely on one side whilst the men and healthy complete their obligation and then the women and sick can do their ramee after Maghrib, 'Eeshaa or whenever convenient before sub'h saadiq.

Many men in their zeal to follow the masnoon time take with them women, weak and disabled and face great difficulty.

Avoid this! Precaution is better than cure and regret. If need be, the healthy men may also delay the ramee until after Maghrib.

Remember! Harming a Muslim is haraam and doing ramee after Maghrib is makrooh.

Method of Ramee

1. Come to the large Shaytaan and stand approximately two and a half yards or more, away from it in such a way that Masjide Khayf is to your right and Makkah is to your left.

2. Throw seven pebbles, one at a time, with the index finger and thumb of the right hand reciting bismillaahi allaahu akbar each time.

Mas'alah: With the throwing of the first pebble, stop reciting talbiyah. You may continue other zikr, tasbeeh, etc. besides talbiyah.

Mas'ala: If all seven pebbles are thrown together, it will be counted as one pebble only.

Mas'alah: If the pebbles fall near the pillar, and not on it, the ramee will be rendered valid; but if it falls far from the pillar, (i.e. out of the wall surrounding the pillar) the ramee will be rendered invalid.

Mas'alah: This method of pelting is mustahab. It is permissable to pelt from whichever direction you desire.

Mas'alah:When throwing the pebbles, raise your hand so high that your armpit becomes visible.

Mas'alah: There is no du'aa after pelting the large Shaytaan.

Very Important Mas'alah: One who is able to walk to the jamaraat or reach the jamaraat by transport, wheel, chair, etc. and there is no fear of harm or increase in the illness, it is necessary for him/her to pelt the Shaytaan.

It is not permissable for him/her to appoint a proxy to pelt on his/her behalf, with his/her instruction.

Many people pelt on behalf of others without valid Shar'ee excuse. In such cases, the ramee is invalid and a dam becomes waajib.

The women or the weak ones should have no fear. Go after 'Eeshaa Salaat and you will find the way clear.

Mas'alah: Rush is not a Shar'ee excuse to appoint a proxy for pelting.


  1. thanks for doing this series, really informative stuff. I miss Mecca

  2. Asalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu,

    @Sy - JazakAllah khair, you can always go to Mecca, just ask the Almighty Allah (subhana wa ta'ala).