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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Third Day - 10th Zul Hijjah

Wuqoof Of Muzdalifah

1. Perform Fajr Salaat as soon as its time commences.

Mas'alah: Wuqoof of Muzdalifah is waajib and its time begins from sub'h saadiq and ends at sunrise. 

If one spent even a little portion of this time in Muzdalifah, he will be absolved of this obligation. However, it is better to remain until just before sunrise.

Mas'alah: If one left Muzdalifah before sub'h saadiq or arrived into Muzdalifah after sunrise, he will not be absolved of this obligation.

Mas'alah: There is no 'Eed Salaat upon the pilgrims.

NOTE: IT is important to note the time of Fajr Salaat in Makkah the day you leave for Minaa. This is the time for Fajr Salaat in Muzdalifah too.

Many people in their ignorance perform Fajr Salaat in Muzdalifah before its time and leave immediately for Minaa before sub'h saadiq.

In this manner, they miss the wuqoof of Muzdalifah which brings upon them the liability of dam. Remember! Follow your own time and do not be persuaded by anyone to leave Muzdalifah before Fajr time.

2. If possible, remain engaged in ibaadah in Muzdalifah until just before sunrise. Stand facing the qiblah and engage in reciting talbiyah, tasbeeh, and making du'aa.

To Minaa

1. 2-3 minutes before sunrise, leave for Minaa with talbiyah, zikr, etc on your lips.

2. Upon reaching Minaa fulfil the following obligations:

a. Ramee: Pelting only the large Shaytaan. (Waajib)

b. Nahr: Animal sacrifice. (waajib)

c. Halaq or Qasr: Shaving or trimming. (waajib)

d. Tawaafe Ziyaarat. (fardh)

NOTE: All these will be dealt with seperately in subsequent posts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those performing Hajj Qiran or Hajj Tamattu', to perform a, b, and c in their respective order is waajib. Failure will result in dam. Do not shave or sacrifice the animal before pelting and do not shave before sacrificing the animal. First ramee (pelting), then nahr (animal sacrifice) and finally halaq (shaving). Memorise the code-word "PASS", i.e.

1. Pelting

2. Animal


3. Shaving

NOTE: If sacrifice is arranged through an agent, either an individual or an organisation, the pilgrim should fix a time and make sure it is sacrificed at the given time.

If it has not been sacrificed at the appointed time, and he gets his head shaved, dam will become incumbent on him.

Mas'alah: For those performing Hajj Ifraad, nahr (animal sacrifice) is not waajib. It is mustahab. Therefore, they can have their heads shaved as soon as they have completed the ramee (pelting).

If they wish to fulfil the mustahab act of nahr, they are at liberty to do so before or after shaving. However, it is mustahab to follow the sequence, for them too.

The four obligations of this third day (10th Zul Hijjah) will be discussed in the next three posts on this blog in detail separately, insha'Allah.


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